Thursday, September 26, 2013

The Rollright Witch: An Interview with UK artist David Gosling

Many of you know we ran an in-depth interview with UK artist David Gosling, on his outdoor installation, "Mother Shipton," near the Rollright Witch park in England. The interview was conducted this year by editor Jan Nerenberg in Wales, not long after the work was complete. The ink was hardly dry on the Things They Carry issue of American Athenaeum, when we heard this from Mr. Gosling: 

"Unfortunately the Rollright witch, is no longer--it was pushed over, or had fallen over and was in quite a bad state. We are now in the process of thinking of a new sculpture..." 

We were quite saddened by the news. "We've lost such a great sculpture, but I'm so greatly blessed that I was able to not only view it, but be inspired by it in my writing and research," said Jan from Wales, earlier this month. 
If you haven't yet picked up your copy of the Things They Carry issue of American Athenaeum, it's become a bit of a collectors item. Along with the interview, you'll find pictures of the installation. If you're interesting in learning more, please visit: Things They Carry

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